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Q: The initiator / target is now working with the target / initiator of [insert cool vendor], why?

A: This can happen. The problem is, that the RFC 3720 is interpreted quite differently by different targets / initiators making of course a entirely convenient utilization difficult. Since jSCSI furthermore is a university project leaving the prototype but not reaching the productive status yet, we rely on inputs from the open-source community in such cases.

Q: How can I start the Initiator

A: Within your own application. jSCSI (as most iSCSI initiators) aim to work below even any mounting process. As a consequence, a runnable initiator makes less sense than the appliance directly in an own application resulting in the utilization as library only.

Q: Why do you use Java as implementing programming language for such a low-level protocol?

A: Why not? Java overs convenient methods to manipulate byte-buckets, sophisticated network-functionalities plus easy ways to implement multi-threaded applications.