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History of jSCSI

jSCSI greatly assisted the research by allowing for easy access to any iSCSI targets starting with the development of an initiator and acted as base for an own jSCSI-target as well. jSCSI thereby represents a platform for multiple thesis within our working group and is maintained continuously since 2007.


  • jSCSI acts as frontend for as well as for for allowing the integration of cloud-storage in a secure and scalable way even for the iSCSI-protocol in a cloud-provide independeent way.


  • jSCSI retrieves the first pull-requests from users utilizing jSCSI. Entirely The project leaves the infrastructure of the University of Konstanz entirely hosted by Github, guarded by Travis-CI and published on sonatype.


  • jSCSI is transferred from sourceforge to github. The development of a target is concluded as bachelors project of Andreas Ergenzinger.


  • The development of a target is started.





  • jSCSI first was developed as a part of the native XML database system Treetank (formerly known as idefix). Utilized as backend, the jSCSI initiator was taken as backend for a visualization of block-access patterns. The concrete approach was presented at the InfoVis 2006 whereas the paper is accessible under